Content Repurposing 

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These days, we have more marketing channels than ever.  
While this usually would be a call for celebration, most marketers know there's more competition on each of these channels. And with more channels and competition, your target audience's attention is more fleeting than ever before.
To connect with your audience, your message needs to be Everything Everywhere All At Once. This is why content repurposing is so important.

What is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing transforms existing marketing content into different formats to cater to multiple platforms and reach a wider audience. 
A recent blog post can be adapted into new form factors: an infographic, videos, social media posts (including Stories and Reels), newsletter email, a slide deck, a worksheet ... even an acrostic puzzle! 
A podcast collecting dust in your archives can be revived and reshaped into a blog post, an audiogram, Twitter threads, LinkedIn thought leadership post, transcription, show notes, and quotation graphics, among a heap of other possibilities.
The form factors and channels may differ from its original blog post or podcast, but your core messages and branding remain in all repurposed content.

I gave these two examples of repurposing a blog or content. But 

Benefits of Content Repurposing



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